About Think Responsive

Think Responsive is a nonprofit consultancy that helps organizations develop and implement strategies that advance women’s reproductive health and rights in male-dominated societies (MDS) around the world. We take a culturally responsive approach, working within local cultures to empower women, engage men as women’s allies and advocates, and give providers the skills they need to train other members of their communities. With years of experience conducting immersive fieldwork, we are uniquely equipped to develop these solutions, which are more practical, effective, and sustainable than traditional western methods.

Think Responsive was founded in 2003 under the name Family Health Alliance. In 2016-2017, we rebranded and renamed our organization “Think Responsive” to symbolize our shift from directing programs on the ground to helping other organizations design, implement, and evaluate culturally responsive health programs around the world.

Executive Director

Taraneh R. Salke

Taraneh Salke is a women’s rights advocate, lecturer, filmmaker, and researcher who has dedicated her career to women’s health and development in Middle Eastern and Muslim societies. Since founding Think Responsive in 2003, she has worked closely with local populations to design and implement over 30 successful, innovative training programs in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East and Africa.

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Board of Directors

Nassim Assefi, MD
Women’s Health Specialist, University of Washington

Lindsay Beane, DrPH
Planning and Public Health Consultant

Hafez Elzein, MD, MS
General Director, Partners in Wellness and Research, SARL

Christine Farrell, MSN, FNP-C
Associate Clinical Professor,  University of California Los Angeles

Mary Gatter, MD
Medical Director, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles

Lauren Hyman, MD
Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Los Angeles, CA

Brant McGee
Legal Counsel, Environmental Defender Law Center

Sharon Nessim, Dr.PH
Quality Consultant, Health Net

Von Raees
President, Beacon Media Inc.

Taraneh R. Salke, MPH
Founder and Executive Director, Family Health Alliance

Eliz Sanasarian
Professor of Political Science, University of Southern California